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  • Peace Mound Center

    Take a few minutes to get familiar with the project of the Peace Mound Center
  • Mission & Vision

    Our vision is to construct a building to remember all the victims of genocide, dictatorship and war.
  • Pressebild - Ulla van Daelen

    Ulla van Daelen – “Peaceland”

    “I want to devote my composition “Peaceland” to the Peace Mound Center of Oswiecim / Auschwitz. Like this wonderful project I hope that my music may contribute as well to the understanding of people and to peace all over the world.” – Ulla van Daelen…

    „Drawn, but not broken”

    The opportunity to talk with former prisoner is becoming increasingly rare. The more exciting of Friday afternoon was anreiste for the upper and some teachers of the St. Adelaide High School, as Janusz Mlynarski to tell his story. He survived five years as a prisoner…

    A symbolic stone from Bamberg Cathedral

    The Archdiocese of Bamberg has donated a stone from the south-west tower of Bamberg Cathedral to the Peace Mound Center in Oświęcim (Auschwitz) in Poland. Auxiliary Bishop of Bamberg Cathedral Provost Werner Radspieler handed the stone to the former Mayor of Oświęcim, Janusz Marszalek in…