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About us

We don’t want to let the holocaust, wars and confilicts became a reality.

„Despite the flow of time, the Auschwitz has still been an indispensable censorship in the history of mankind. Not only has it been the accusation of war, genocide, criminal racial policy but most of all the warning for the modern generations. (…) Remembering about the multitude of the Jews, Poles, Gypsies, Soviet prisoners of war who died in the KL Auschwitz we want to appeal to the leaders of countries and nations: ‘Never again!’. Let the sacrifice of the Auschwitz bear the will of life in peace and brotherhood among the contemporaries! These words are not just slogans. They were the dream of the people in the extermination camps. The ex-prisoners of the Auschwitz can confirm that. Obviously, we realize that the causes of creating the Auschwitz did not disappear with the liberation of the camp in January 1945. There are still attempts to relativize the history, to distort it or to negate it totally. The attitude towards the Auschwitz is for the modern world some kind of litmus paper and the test for humanity.

The Town of Oświęcim wants to participate actively in all the activities, the aim of which is to make people and cultures closer regardless of their language and religion. We are sure that this place, marked so cruelly by the crime of the 20th century, should shout for peace to the whole world! As far as we can, we will support all the initiatives aiming at the mutual understanding and building the trust no matter of the divisions. The residents of our town passed the humanity test during the II World War. Contemporary Oświęcimians should actively continue those praiseworthy pages of history. We are convinced Oświęcim is destined to be the City of Peace which will shine with good, respect for other people and their otherness.

(…) The history of the KL Auschwitz and the Town of Oświęcim makes us responsible for taking care of the honest historical tradition and the education of the next generations. We shall invite to our town the representatives of different countries to design the model of teaching free of perversions, oblique statements and even lies. We want our town to host the similar initiatives in the future.”

- Janusz Marszałek


Polish Senior Citizen’s Union (NGO)

Currently, we primarily focus on supporting the construction of houses for Seniors Care, based on the best and proven experience of German and Dutch.

By the will of many former prisoners of concentration camps, co-founders of the Polish Union of seniors, we also want to complete the 2016 Peace Mound Center (the Mound of Remembrance and Peace) in Oswiecim, to educate people, especially the youth in the spirit of tolerance, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue to the world in the future was more humane and consistent with the intent of the famous Prayer of the United Nations.

Polish Union of seniors want to focus in particular on:
  • Implementation of rules on the recognition and respect for the rights of the elderly to live a dignified and independent life and to actively participate in social and cultural life.
  • Combating all forms of discrimination, particularly discrimination against older people because of age, disability, religion, nationality, origin.
  • Action for the empowerment of older people and their active participation in the development of the level of community, state, country and in cooperation with other countries and international organizations, especially the European Parliament, the European Commission and European Union institutions and the United Nations.
  • Support, cooperation and integration with the European Union Seniors (EUS).
  • Improving the quality and conditions of life of older people,
  • Ensuring universal access to high quality medical care in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation,
  • Providing barrier-free access to all public places
  • Creation of conditions for use by the elderly to offer cultural, sporting, social, tourism,
  • Dissemination of digital technology to raise quality of life of older people,
  • Ensuring access to education and training for seniors
  • The pursuit of a suitable retirement security of seniors.
Polish Senior Citizen’s Union also wants to:
  • Engage in projects to integrate intergenerational, based on tolerance and mutual respect.
  • To work for reconciliation and peace between nations.
  • Support the maintenance of national tradition, nurturing and development of Polish culture of national consciousness, civic and cultural.
  • Work for people with disabilities.
  • Support the development of local communities.
  • Work to promote and protect freedom and human rights and civil liberties, as well as support the development of democracy.
  • Solidarity with the victims of disasters, natural disasters, conflicts military and war at home and abroad.
  • Work towards European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between peoples.
  • Support the promotion and organization of volunteers.
Polish Senior Citizens Union wants to achieve its objectives by:
  1. Speaking and expressing their views on issues Seniors on a public forum,
  2. cooperation with other organizations and bodies of the public administration and management demands to them,
  3. organization of courses, seminars, conferences related to the topic of office,
  4. organization integration events, promotional and cultural issues related to the office,
  5. carry out other activities conducive to the implementation of the statutory objectives of the Association.
Board of the Polish Senior Citizen’s Union


From the left:
Jan Korzeniowski – Vicepresident;
Agata Kuleta – Procurator;
Irena Łagodzka – Honorable Member;
Janusz Marszałek  – President;
Danuta Zalwowska – Member;
Aleksander Gil – Tresory.

We live

We live in Oświęcim – the City of Peace

Auschwitz – that was the name the Nazi regime gave to the city of Oświęcim during World War II. For the today’s world, the name means a Place of Remembrance of KL Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is a sacred place! This is the largest graveyard in the world – the place of tragedy of Poles, Jews, Roma and Sinti, soviet prisoners and the representatives of numerous religions and nations of the world. Apart from the Place of Remembrance of KL Auschwitz-Birkenau, total area of 190 hectares, Oświęcim – the City of Peace – is also dynamically developing at the area of 30 km2. The City of Peace – this is the name given to Oświęcim by the former prisoners of KL Auschwitz-Birkenau who survived the nightmare of the Nazi torment. Their desire is to prevent people living in Oświęcim from suffering, after over 60 years from the moment World War II ended, because of the Nazi homicide in KL Auschwitz-Birkenau.


Oświęcim and its citizens have the same right to live an ordinary life of development, just as the citizens of any other city or town in the world. Also to show to the tourist and pilgrims visiting the former KL Auschwitz-Birkenau the monuments of more than 800 years of history of Oświęcim. To show the Castle and the historic churches, the synagogue and charming tenements in the Old Town. To show how peaceful coexistence of people of various religions and cultures existed in Oświęcim for many centuries. Before 1939, Oświęcim was called ’ Little Jerusalem’. Such beautiful history should not be forgotten. Rightly do the esteemed people of the world call ’Auschwitz – never again’. The citizens of Oświęcim call for exactly the same thing. And they add: ’ We want our city to grow and for the people living here, along with the visitors, to take joy from the friendly atmosphere of this city’.

We build

Peace Mound Center

  • Building 100 meters diameter
  • 35 meeters hight
  • Conference Hall for 800 persons
  • Place ground of 11.86 acres, 48.000 square meters
What are you going to find inside the Peace Mound Center
  • Documentation hall of contemporary witnesses
  • Exhibition of symbolic Remembrance Stones and messages from all over the world
  • Center for  conferences, mediations, youth meetings
  • Creative and Participative area for seniors and young people
  • Contact point for NGOs

and other functions, like:

  • Mediation Centre for Peace Conferences
  • Academy of Ethics and Peace Education
  • Independent Information and Press Centre
  • Peace TV and Radio
  • Concert Hall
  • Cinema for Peace – documentary films


Support of former prisoners


The Peace Mound Center has the full support of former prisoners/survivors of the concentration camps. Many of these men, women and children endured repetitive physical torture through starvation, beating and disease, but it’s the deep mental scaring, the memories and visions that forever consume their daily existence. The guilt they endure from the question:

Why when so many died, was my life spared?

The Holocaust was the systematic annihilation of millions of innocent people. Our mission is to preserve and honour their memory in a respectful and dignified manner.
Already during its planning phase, many people worldwide have been moved to show their solidarity, mainly by donating memorial stones. We are thankful and honoured to have received those contributions, however it is financial support we require right now, for without the generosity of others, this dream will never become a reality. Many of the souls, still reside at Auschwitz, they were never returned to their loved ones to be given a proper burial.

Auschwitz’s soil is very deep and dark as it houses the lives of the innocent and a documentary that would bring even the toughest of men to their knees. But from that, we can build a better foundation, where all who reign over the site can finally have freedom in knowing their life wasn’t a part of a forgotten past, but that their lives will be used as an example to build a brighter future. A future with solidarity and compassion.

The Holocaust must never be repeated and this is the message that must be sent out to the world via the „Peace Mound Center”. This Shrine to all who reside at Auschwitz will be the start of a new era, a new world with peace, forgiveness and understanding of humanity.

We now ask you most sincerely to support „The Peace Mound Project” not only emotionally, but financially.

Why people need The Peace Mound Center?


“…the Holy Father wishes that the forthcoming Mound will be a visible sign and the symbol of the call to forgiveness and conciliation, a reminder of the need for peace in the hearts of the people and in the world.

His Holiness commends the Polish Senior Citizens Union to God in prayer and wishes a successful completion of the project realized by them – the construction of the Mound of Remembrance and Peace. He gives from his heart apostolic blessing to all who are engaged in this work and support it. “

Letter from Vatican

…so people from every nation, culture, religion, and race can have opportunity to use The Peace Mound Center to meet and work together to realize a violence free humane life based on understanding and mutual respect can be accomplished through meaningful dialogue with each other.

Janusz Marszalek – former Mayor of City of Oświęcim 2002 – 2011 and President of the Polish Senior Citizen’s Union

… so that the up and coming new generation in Germany, whose parents came from a different cultural group will never forget the atrocities man is capable of when he loses his connection with the God given commandment to love ones neighbor.

Dr. Bernhard Worms – President of the European Senior Citizen’s Union – former Parliament Secretary

I bless with all my heart this initiative and all the People of Good Will who support this work for PEACE. May it be realized as soon as possible and may it serve all the People and Nations of the world in the future! May it help raise people’s awareness about the misfortunes of others and contribute to a significant learning from the past in order to create a better world in which everyone can live and develop in peace and for peace.

Bishop Tadeusz Rakoczy – Bielsko-Zywiec Diocese/Poland

Auschwitz is the murder capitol of the world. We raise our voices to be heard.
Freedom is so so pure that God gives it as a cure.

Rabbi Edgar Gluck (New York, USA) – Chief Rabbi of Galicia, Poland

Auschwitz is a place you cannot forget. The Peace Mound Center in the city of Oświęcim must be a symbol of life in Peace.

Tadeusz Jakubowicz – Chairman of the Jewish Religious Community in Cracow

…so that future generations can learn from the painful war experience of contemporary witnesses, that in every war many innocent people will suffer and be killed. That must not happen again after the Auschwitz concentration camp hell and after the 2nd World War. We do not need more wars! Only in peace can people live normally and develop themselves.The Peace Mound Center can become a symbol of World Peace.

Dr. Janusz Mlynarski – retired surgeon, former prisoner No. 355 of Auschwitz Concentration Camp from the first deportation on June 14.1940