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Donators of PMC

The following have all donated to the project PEACE MOUND CENTER.

Some are major seed funders, some have donated their time & skills many have donated through buying our Freedom Wolność Song or payment with our secure PayPal account.

For all those who have helped make the Peace Mound Center possible, we thank you for your time, commitment, sensitivity, creativity, honesty and patience.

We would like to highlight some of the people and organizations that have made a special contribution.
Without these help the Peace Mound Center would not have been possible.

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  • Landrat Sven-Georg Adenauer – Kreis Gütersloh
  • Verena Schubert – Andres
  • SE Bischof Pawel Anweiler
  • Bü. Dr. Reinhard Bentler – Stadt Gundelfingen
  • Hana Graefin von Bentzel
  • Ulla Bitz
  • Prof. Wiesław Blaschke
  • Ernst Brück
  • SE Erzbischof Karl Braun
  • SE Bischof Marian Buczek
  • Dr. Josef Byrtus
  • Helga und Jürgen Creutzmann EP
  • Winfried Dahn
  • SE Kardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz
  • OB Wolfgang Dandorfer – Stadt Amberg
  • Armin-Dieter Ehrlichmann
  • Jürgen Exner
  • Karin und Wolfgang Failer
  • Dr. Marcus Feussner
  • Pfarrer Martin Germer
  • Dr. Karl-Heinz Gierden
  • Charles Goerens EP
  • OB Ryszard Grobelny – Stadt Poznan/PL
  • Rabbi Edgar Gluck
  • Rose-Marie Gnausch
  • Rabbi Eliezer Gurary
  • SE Dalia Grybauskaite – Litauen
  • Sr. Petra Hagenauer
  • Christoph Hartmann – EKM
  • Margit und Shon Hawkes
  • Mathilde und Helmut Hemmerlein
  • Bü. Hermann Heldermann – Stadt Gehrden
  • OB Gert Hoffmann – Stadt Braunschweig
  • Wolfgang Hildebrandt
  • Andrea Horstmann
  • Elisabeth und Wolfgang Hucke
  • Prof. Andor Izsak
  • Tadeusz Jakubowicz
  • OB Andrzej Jakubowski – Stadt Koszalin/PL
  • Gisela Keiner
  • Dr. Jaghub Khoschlessan
  • SE Vaclav Klaus – Tschechische Republik
  • Monika und Michael Koehler
  • Bü. Tobias Kogge – Stadt Halle
  • Sr. Madlen Kolbrand
  • Klezmer Leopold Kozlowski
  • Pastor Hansjürgen Kitzinger
  • Bü. Michael Kreuzberg – Stadt Brühl
  • Barbara und Georg Kuropka
  • Landrat Fritjof Kühn – Rhein-Sieg-Kreis
  • Roman Kwiatkowski
  • Irena Lagodzka
  • Henryk Lagodzki
  • Prof. Norbert Lammert
  • Friedrich Loehr
  • OB Dr. Ulrich Maly – Stadt Nürnberg
  • IMKA – Kunst Anke Ikelle-Matiba
  • Janusz Marszalek
  • SE Weihbischof Manfred Melzer
  • Dr. Janusz Mlynarski
  • SE Bischof Leo Nowak
  • Markus Johannes Nietert
  • Rabbi Boaz Pash
  • OB Boris Pistorius – Stadt Osnabrück
  • Andrzej Porawski
  • Prof. Hans-Gert Poettering EP
  • Martin Preuss
  • Landrat Cezary Przybylski – Landkreis Boleslawiec/PL
  • SE Weihbischof Werner Radspieler
  • SE Bischof Tadeusz Rakoczy
  • Bü. Oliver Rein – Stadt Breisach a.Rh.
  • Jürgen Riechers
  • Bü. Dariusz Rzepka – Stadt Olkusz/PL
  • Lothar Schmelz
  • OB Herbert Schmalstieg – Stadt Hannover
  • OB Dr. Wolfgang Schuster – Stadt Stuttgart/D
  • Bü. Marlies Sieburg – Stadt Kerpen
  • Gisela Skibowski
  • Tomasz Starzyński
  • Uwe Stember
  • OB Dagmar Szabados – Stadt Halle
  • Wladyslaw Szepelak
  • OB Małgorzata Mańka – Szulik _ Stadt Zabrze/PL
  • Przemyslaw Tejkowski
  • Jolanta und Sylwester Tomala
  • Bożena Tonda
  • Jürgen Wallbaum – Stadt Elmshorn
  • Luitgard und Manfred Walter
  • OB Stephan Weil – Stadt Hannover
  • Manfred Weil
  • Volker Wendorff
  • OB Theo Wieder – Stadt Frankenthal / Pfalz
  • Ulrich Winz
  • Dr. Bernhard Worms
  • OB Petra Wust – Stadt Bitterfeld – Wolfen
  • Dr. Constantin von Brandenstein – Zeppelin
  • Bü. Daniel Zimmermann – Stadt Monheim am Rhein


We ask you most sincerely to support the Peace Mound Center in Oświęcim emotionally, politically and financially.

Donation account in Poland:
PUS-Peace Center-Oswiecim/Auschwitz
IBAN: PL 11 1240 4155 1978 0010 3996 7957

Soon you will be able to donate our project directly trough our secured web site.

We colaborate with the well know fundraising organisation in Germany –

Feel free to use our on-line donation formular.

donate now the Peace Mound Center


We are open to any kind of cooperation which will contribute to the strengthening of world peace and education of young people, instilling them with values such as tolerance, empathy and charity.

If you are an artist (musician, writer, singer, sculptor, etc.) please contact us and present your idea to support our peaceful initiatives.

Find some examples below:

Ulla van Daelen

Pressebild - Ulla van Daelen

“I want to devote my composition “Peaceland” to the Peace Mound Center of Oswiecim / Auschwitz. Like this wonderful project I hope that my music may contribute as well to the understanding of people and to peace all over the world.” – Ulla van Daelen

Wolfgang Hildebrandt


Artist, singer, songwriter, and active human rights activist, philanthropist. Originally from Cologne, Germany, where, thanks positive influence of her father began his musical career playing piano and guitar at the age of 6 years. Over 14 years musically educated. He was the leader numerous choral groups. From the beginning of his career, performed in front of a great audience including in 1997 before the Holy Father John Paul II, along with artist Andrea Bocelli opera in Paris during World Youth Day.

By: Wolfgang Hildebrandt and Agata Kuśmierczyk

Wolfgang Hildebrandt become involved in support for charities working for peace. His song Freedom Wolność Song dedicated to Peace Mound Center in Oświęcim.

Why people need The Peace Mound Center?


“…the Holy Father wishes that the forthcoming Mound will be a visible sign and the symbol of the call to forgiveness and conciliation, a reminder of the need for peace in the hearts of the people and in the world.

His Holiness commends the Polish Senior Citizens Union to God in prayer and wishes a successful completion of the project realized by them – the construction of the Mound of Remembrance and Peace. He gives from his heart apostolic blessing to all who are engaged in this work and support it. “

Letter from Vatican

…so people from every nation, culture, religion, and race can have opportunity to use The Peace Mound Center to meet and work together to realize a violence free humane life based on understanding and mutual respect can be accomplished through meaningful dialogue with each other.

Janusz Marszalek – former Mayor of City of Oświęcim 2002 – 2011 and President of the Polish Senior Citizen’s Union

… so that the up and coming new generation in Germany, whose parents came from a different cultural group will never forget the atrocities man is capable of when he loses his connection with the God given commandment to love ones neighbor.

Dr. Bernhard Worms – President of the European Senior Citizen’s Union – former Parliament Secretary

I bless with all my heart this initiative and all the People of Good Will who support this work for PEACE. May it be realized as soon as possible and may it serve all the People and Nations of the world in the future! May it help raise people’s awareness about the misfortunes of others and contribute to a significant learning from the past in order to create a better world in which everyone can live and develop in peace and for peace.

Bishop Tadeusz Rakoczy – Bielsko-Zywiec Diocese/Poland

Auschwitz is the murder capitol of the world. We raise our voices to be heard.
Freedom is so so pure that God gives it as a cure.

Rabbi Edgar Gluck (New York, USA) – Chief Rabbi of Galicia, Poland

Auschwitz is a place you cannot forget. The Peace Mound Center in the city of Oświęcim must be a symbol of life in Peace.

Tadeusz Jakubowicz – Chairman of the Jewish Religious Community in Cracow

…so that future generations can learn from the painful war experience of contemporary witnesses, that in every war many innocent people will suffer and be killed. That must not happen again after the Auschwitz concentration camp hell and after the 2nd World War. We do not need more wars! Only in peace can people live normally and develop themselves.The Peace Mound Center can become a symbol of World Peace.

Dr. Janusz Mlynarski – retired surgeon, former prisoner No. 355 of Auschwitz Concentration Camp from the first deportation on June 14.1940